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Match Tickets in the City Where
Football is God  
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Messi, Neymar & Suarez; Watch the greatest players on the planet under one roof in the largest stadium in Europe.  
Lets face it; you cant talk about Barcelona without mentioning its world famous football club. FC Barcelona not only have some of the greatest players on the planet, but can boast 24 Spanish league titles, 4 European Cup titles and of course, the massive, intimidating and hugely atmospheric, Camp Nou Stadium.

Now is your time to go watch them play! 
What we do is take all the stress out of ticket purchasing away from you, so you can just enjoy the brilliant game of football and the day surrounding it.

Not only are we based in Barcelona, we are a professional ticket vendor with access to group tickets so you and your mates have the best chance of all sitting together. We will then deliver the official tickets to you on the day of the the game at a city central location that is convenient to you.

Of course, Barcelona has another top flight Spanish club; RCD Espanyol. Tickets to an Espanyol game follow exactly the same procedure and make for an equally as brilliant experience. Go home and show off to your friends how much of an avid football fan you are that you saw Barcelona's second club!


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Ticket prices vary depending on opposition, time of year and seats in the stadium
Kick off times are subject to change
  • Official FC Barcelona or RCD Espanyol tickets 
  • Pre-arranged convenient collection point  
Available during football season. Kick off times will vary and are subject to change 
Toilets and refreshments available at stadium  
Tickets released on day of the game. We will arrange a collection point 
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