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Discover the depth of the Catalan capital and fall in love with one of the most exciting cities in Europe. 
Barcelona is one of the ultimate European cities to explore on foot. With over 2000 years of history embedded into the ancient Gothic quarter and surrounded by heavy weight Roman, medieval and modernist structures on all sides, Barcelona has endless stories to tell.

For the last 10 years our Free Walking Tour guides have specialised in sharing these stories to visitors from around the world. We are a friendly team of independant local guides that love our jobs and know we can help maximise your experience of this fascinating, eclectic city we call home!

Whether it's your first day or you are a long time resident, join us for the most engaging presentation of Barcelona's rich history and culture this city has to offer. 
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Barcelona's Historic Quarter?
Join our passionate guides for the ultimate journey through time and space on a 2 - 2.5 hours walking tour that runs 3 times a day. Your local EXPERT GUIDE will bring ancient, medieval and modern Barcelona to life by retracing the steps of its heroes, monarchs, saints, invaders, dictators, artists and everyday locals.

A great tour for all ages and visitors and a perfect city to discover on foot, you will be stepping through the same placas and streets that figures from Picasso to Columbus have tread before you! 
  • A professional, local tour guide fluent / native in English 
  • A  2-hour entertaining and informative overview of Barcelona’s 2000+ years of history and growth 
  • An in-depth navigation through the city's historic Gothic center
  • An Invitation to join your guide for a drink and chat at a local bar after the tour
  • Recommendations, local expertise and questions answered on just about everything 
  • A chance to join optional activities, travel discounts and special offers 
Uncover the remains of ancient Roman Barcino: the fortified citadel that's still buried beneath the city.

Not to mention the pagan temple, fortifications and aqueduct that give you a vision of Barcelona's function as as a small Roman colony attributed to Caesar Augustus.

There is so much history in Barcelona, that you'll be suprised with the ancient knowledge you’ll walk away with from this opening part of your walking tour. From the earliest conquests to complicated turns in history, this will sure to provide a better understanding of the roots in Barcelona.
Learn of the eccentric Catalan Kings that paved the way to Barcelona's golden age of maritime trade and expansion. From castles and mansions to the enormous Gothic Cathedral, see how Barcelona was the nucleus of a powerful Catalan trading empire that spread across the Mediterranean long before Spain was born

Navigate through the secrets of Barcelona's medieval Jewish quarter and the inquisition. Discover the legends behind the city's 13 year old patron saint and Catalunya's mythical dragon slayer. Found out if Barcelona ever conquered by the Moors and converted to Islam... 
Finally, this tour will allow you to understand Barcelona's contemporary landscape and culture.

See the real scars of the Spanish Civil war and its lasting aftermath until the late 1970s. Discover a city that has dramatically changed since the end of the Franco dictatorship and the launch of the the Olympic games.

Become an informed visitor and better understand the world of protests rallies and referendums that regularly grip the city. Relish in Barcelona's quirky liberal laws and buzzing street life. 
Reserve Your Spot In the ORIGINAL
11:00, 13:00 and 15:00 Every day
TOUR EN ESPANOL: 11:00 Every day

*Please arrive 10 minutes prior to the tour time to check in with your guide.
Travel Bar
Carrer de la Boqueria,
2708002 Barcelona
(Just off las Ramblas Liceu metro station). 
Bathrooms, WIFI, seating and drinking water available at Travel Bar. Drinks and food and coffee also available at the bar before/after the tour. 
We love to be aware of your reservation on board our tour so please RESERVE online (we will finalize our numbers on the day and welcome all walk ins). Wear comfortable footwear and sun protection. Carrying a water bottle is also a great idea. 
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These walking tours are completely free to join. Every day our expert guides share their passion and experience of Barcelona’s highlights, history and culture for visitors from every corner of the globe.

Since our guide's offer their time and expertise on a tips only basis, they will be working hard to make sure you enjoy a valuable experience along the way. They will leave that value up to you at the end of the tour and will greatly appreciate your generosity as a donation and a smile. Join the WALKING TOUR REVOLUTION with a format that keeps it fresh, fun and fair! 
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For the last 10 years our Free Walking Tour guides have specialised in sharing these stories to visitors from around the world. Our tours have gained notoriety from major international voices such as: The Guardian's top 10, Lonely Planet Barcelona, Forbes magazine and BBC travel. Not to mention scoring thousands of 5 star reviews on travel sites such as Trip Advisor and Get Your Guide

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