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Barcelona Free Walking Tour (English)

Every Day at 11AM, 1PM, & 3PM

Barcelona Free Walking Tour (Spanish)

Every Day at 11AM

"Highly Recommended!" -- Barcelona Connect Magazine

Please take a look at the details below. No reservations necessary, but you can call us on (+34) 933 103 747 for more information.


Free Walking Tour in English -- Every Day at 11:00, 13:00, & 15:00

Free Walking Tour in Spanish -- Every Day at 11:00am
Free Walking Tour en Castellano -- Cada día a las 11:00am

Barcelona Free Walking Tour.
Tours meeting daily at Travel Bar, Carrer Boqueria, 27 08002. SEE MAP HERE.

(Just off the middle of La Rambla at Metro Station Liceu, one block from KFC and McDonald's towards Placa Catalunya.)

The tour includes a 2€ drink after the tour, at Travel Bar, where your guide will be available to answer any of your questions about Barcelona, or help you with your future plans in the city.

On our free walking tour of Barcelona you will be able to see and experience the best of what this city has to offer, with fun and a few laughs along the way! We will take you through the entire history of Barcelona, starting from it's Roman birth to the Cathedral of the Middle Ages to modern times. You will see the Roman Ruins, the oldest Synagogue in Europe, Plaza Real, Santa Maria del Pi, the Barcelona Cathedral and more.

You will also see the works of Picasso and Joan Miro and the modern art that brings life to the city. You will learn about the differences between the Catalan and Spanish languages, cultures, and cuisine, and where to go when the sun sets and the party begins.

"Those expecting to be bored by the recitation of hard, dry facts will be disappointed by this tour, offered by Travel Bound." -- Forbes Online

We have expert guides, who live here in Barcelona. They love the city and want to share their personal knowledge with you; they will offer all the information you need on Barcelona, from the history of what you see on the tour to activities to do to get the most out of your experience here. Our tour guides pride themselves on their knowledge of the city, and will gladly answer all of your questions during the tour.

Come and experience the most enthusiastic and informative tour in Barcelona!

Practical Information

Tours in English depart Travel Bar at 11:00, 13:00, and 15:00, and normally last around 2.5 hours.

Tours en Castellano empiezan en Travel Bar a las 11:00 y duran aproximamente 2.5 horas.

The tour is free. Our guides work on a tips-only system, if you enjoyed the tour feel free to give your guide what you felt the tour worth!

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chris k

Chris G.

Chris G has been living and studying in Barcelona for almost two years and has a great knowledge of the historical and contemporary aspects of the city, not least through his studies in International Urban Development. He delights in informing his guests about all the fascinations contained in this great city, complete with plenty of humour!


Duncan is a qualified and experienced architect that has been living in Barcelona for many years, now giving tours of the city to visitors. A fantastic story-teller from Ireland, he will enlighten you with his personable effect of the ins and outs of this great place!


Massar is originally from Sweden and has been living in Barcelona and giving walking tours of the city to visitors for many years. She is our most experienced tour guide and very much enjoys the opportunity to share her deep knowledge of the historical tales and the present interests of Barcelona, all in a light-hearted and fun manner!

Chris K.

Chris studied history as well as foreign languages at university and has a particular interest in the history and culture of Barcelona. As a testament to this he has lived in Barcelona for over three years and has decided to settle down permanently as he considers it to be the greatest city in the world and loves telling others why!

This section is a little helper for those who have done the tour and who want to learn more; or for those who simply want to learn a little about this wonderful city.

Typical Tour Route...

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We leave from Travel Bar, C/ Boqueria, 27 every day at 11, 1, and 3. So come down, wander around, and learn why this is one of the most exciting cities in the world

Starting and Finish pointStarting and Finish point

Typical Tour StopTypical Tour Stop

Point of interest nearbyPoint of interest nearby


Barcino, the Roman town on the Mediterranean, which grew from 15 BC

Travel Bar

C/ Boqueria, 27 08002 Barcelona 933 425 252

Travel Bar Barcelona

Las Ramblas Barcelona Las Ramblas

The famous Miro ground mural is shown below, on La Rambla, which is tourist central here in Barcelona. The line of the Rambla follows the route of one of the old city rivers (the Cagallel or turd bearer in English). Between this river, and another (the Merdanca, or poo stream in English), the Old City was built. In the 13th Century, Jaume 1 built a wall to enclose the Gothic City, and The Rambla was in the zone outside the exterior wall.

La Rambla Barcelona

Boqueria tour stop La Boqueria Market

A wonderful food market in the heart of the city. Go in and see the sights, hear the sounds, smell the food, and taste the richness of the Spanish Culinary Traditions. Guy Kawakaski was very impressed with it and made a nice photo album of his time there.

La Boqueria Market Barcelona

Raval Site of Interest Raval

The part of the city once known as Barri Xino (the Chinese Neighbourhood). It's the most multicultural part of the city and has many hidden gems; but it is still a bit rough, with pimps, druggies, and prostitutes hanging out. Go explore, but be careful.

The Raval district

Jewish Quarter Barcelona El Call, the Jewish Ghetto

One of the narrowest streets in the city. In the old days people would have crossed from roof to roof, as the Jewish community was closed off from the rest of the city. Europe's oldest synagogue is housed here. The Jews have had a terrible time in most places, including Barcelona. In the 1300's they were blamed for the Black Death and this led to pogroms. In 1492 they were finally expelled from the city.

El Call Jewish Quarter Barcelona

Synagogue Stop Europe's Oldest Synagogue

View this historic site at Carrer de Marlet, 5. More info about the history of Barcelona's Jewish community at www.calldebarcelona.org

Barcelona Synagogue

Sant Feli Neri Plaza Stop Plaza de Sant Felip Neri

One of the cities most beautiful squares and site of the children's school Bombed by Hitler during the Spanish Civil War. Later used as the zone of execution of anti-fascists when Franco won the war.

Sant Neri Plaza Barcelona

Plaza de Sant Felip Neri

Spanish Civil War Bombing

Nationalist aircraft bomb Madrid in late November 1936.

Barcelona Bombed in Spanish Civil War
Bombing in Barcelona, 1938; during the Spanish Civil War

Placa Nova Barcelona Placa Nova

Outside the Old Roman North Gate, 1 of 4 leading from the Old Roman City, you can see the last remaining bit of the aqueduct. (Detail of the City of Barcino (Ciudad Barcino) shown below.) Barcino.)

Barcino: Barcelona during the Roman Empire

old Roman Gate Barcelona

Architecture School Barcelona Stop City Architecture School - Picasso's Miro Joke

A funny story for an ugly 1970's building...

Barcelona Architecture School

Barcelona Cathedral Stop Barcelona Cathedral

The 14th Century Cathedral dedicated to Santa Eulalia, still has an internal cloister garden, within which there are always 13 white geese, 1 to symbolize each year of the life of the saint.

Barcelona Cathedral Geese

Catarina Market Interest Point Santa Catarina Market

A bold colorful architecture, is the signature mark of this retrofitted local food market. Each Barrio, or neighborhood, still has their own market, serving local fresh fruit and vegetables.

Barcelona Catarina Market

Roman Barcelona Stop Roman Barcelona

You can peer down through the windows of the city history museum to see the amazing ruins of the ancient Roman city, 5 metres below the present level.

Roman remains Barcelona

King steps stop The Kings steps - Placa del Rei

Another gem of a square in the Gothic quarter. This is where Colombus reported back to Ferninand and Isabella, that there was a New World. In the evenings you can see people sitting out on the steps, sharing beer or playing music. Quite often there are Catalan dancing evenings and free city concerts held here.

Kings Steps Barcelona

Columbus in Barcelona

Hairy Willy Stop Hairy Willy

The stories of the "Father of Catalunya", St. George and the Dragon, and the King's Jewish wall. Later we will hear how he is related to the Catalan flag, the sanyera, and a bit about dragons, roses, virgins and romance...

Wilford the Hairy and Dragon

St. George's day catalonian tradition

Old gardens of the Spanish viceroy

Now housing the Crown of Aragon archives, Archivo General de la Corona de Aragon, a wonderful example of a cool interior space, with flowing water and much greenery creating a microclimate to cool the rooms surrounding, an example found in much Muslim architecture.

Palau del Lloctinent

Cathedral Gargoyles and the Senyera

The City's Cathedral, like many other Gothic buildings, has gargoyles (demons to warn away evil spirits, that double up as excess rain gutters), but in this case they are of farmyard animals. Along the side we will see 1 of the many Senyera, the Catalan flag. We will hear of its origins and a little more about Catalan identity and life, like their dislike of bull fighting and their love of human tower building.

Barcelona Cathedral Gargoyles

Roman Forum

The peak of mount Tabor, behind an old door, old remnants of the Roman city can be seen.

Roman Wall Barcelona

Jaume Stop Placa de San Jaume

This is the centre of power of Barcelona and it hasn't moved far in 2000 years. The city hall, the ayutamento, stands on the sea side and facing it is the Generalitat, or centre of power for the state of Catalunya. Even today the square sees a lot of demonstrations...

macia placa sant jaume Spanish Civil War
The political heart of Catalunya is filled during the outbreak of the civil war.

Jaume Square Demonstration
The political heart of Catalunya is filled during a recent demonstration.

playground stop Square with Children's Playground

After democracy was restored, one of the first acts of urbanism, was to open up spaces for the public to congregate in again. This is one of the few in the Barri Gothic, but in it you can see how well used, kid's zones are here. Kids are valued in Spain, and it is normal to see fathers after work rolling around on the ground with their kids, this is seen to less of an extent in the colder northern countries.

kids playground

Travel Bound Stop Travel Bound

Carrer de Milans, 7
08002 Barcelona
933 191 662

Travel Bar Barcelona

Picasso Stop Picasso's Art School

Les Demoiselles d'Avignon or "Las senoritas de Avinyo": Remember that famous Cubist painting by Picasso, come here and find out the full story...

Picasso Art

Orwell Stop Placa George Orwell

George Orwell was a famous British author who came to fight against facism during the Spanish Civil War. He got shot and this triangular square was named after him. It's more locally known as Placa Trippi.

Plaza George Orwell Surveillance

A few links, films etc...

- "Més que un club", meaning ''More than a club''. Barca is one of the greatest football teams in Europe at present. In 2009, they won the triple: The Spanish Cup, La Liga, and the European Champions League. As always, the fans go mad with celebrating, in many ways they see it as a win for Catalunya, not just for their team.

- UNESCO recently awarded its Patrimony to Humanity to the past time of Catalunya - making human towers. Castells

- CAGA... Ok, so, a rather strange part of Catalan culture is their open and celebratory views on one of the most basic of human functions... Pooping.

Here is the Catalan-only tradition of kids beating a log of wood called CAGA TIO, or UNCLE POO, and they sing a lovely little ditty...

Poop Uncle, you'd better poop out some sweeties, and none of that smelly salty fish, poop us out some sweets, which are much better... (more or less)

So, as well as that fella, they also have EL CAGANER, or THE POOPER. In the cribs, where the 3 Kings are visiting the new born baby Jesus, out the back there is always a Catalan fellow going for a dump.

- Here's a view of what Barcelona was like when Franco seized power, which he held from 1939, after the final fall of Barcelona, until his death in 1975.

Another great way to learn about the Spanish Civil War, is to watch Ken Loach's film Land and Freedom (Tierra y Libertad)

- Scenes of anger, violence, fire, and rubber bullets on the streets of Barcelona during the National strike on September 29th 2010.

(EL PERIODICO) Day of struggle and fire

(EL PERIODICO) Day of struggle and fire

Photo's from your Walking Tour in Barcelona

Barcelona Festival Calendar!

Castellers - Human Tower Building
To see a calendar of upcoming competitions click here. Parts of the calendar and website are available in English.

FC Bacelona Football Tickets - Tickets for the 2012 - 2013 Season Available
When you're in Barcelona be sure to check out FC Barcelona in action. They are currently one of the greatest teams in the world, so check out their remaining schedule and check for ticket availability here.

Primavera Sound – Late May
One of the two major international music festivals held annually in Barcelona (see Sonar below) Primavera Sound assembles artists both from around the world and locally. The festival comes in 2 parts with free shows held in outside venues, as well as, the main performances in the Park Forum. The lineup normally features a very eclectic mix of styles and sounds and in known to attract some of the biggest names of the summer's festival circuit. For news, updates, ticket info, and the full line up see the official site.

Montjuic Outdoor Cinema – June – August
Each Summer Montjuic is turned into a large open air cinema. With showings taking place every week from June to August, you will have plenty of opportunities to experience seeing one of your favorite films under the stars. Bring your towels, blankets, and refreshments, and arrive early for the best spots, and to catch some short films and concerts as well. For the full schedule and more info click here.

Sonar – Mid-June
Officially an International Festival of Advanced Music and New Media Art, Sonar has grown to become one of the largest parties in Europe, with both official and unofficial “off-Sonar” shows. Held annually in mid-June, Sonar brings together major players in electronic music, dance, and art with an expected 100,000 fans who fill the city for a week of late nights and unforgettable experiences. Sonar comes in 2 parts with Sonar by Day focusing on the art and emerging artists at the MACBA, and Sonar by Night featuring the headliners at the large Convention Center. For news, updates, ticket info, and the full line up see the official site.

Sant Joan – 23 June
A celebration of the feast of St. John and the celestial beginning of Summer, this is one of the biggest party nights in Barcelona and surrounding Catalunya. Revelers head down towards the beach for an all night festival with live music, drinks, and of course the famous fireworks and firecrackers. The beach literally begins to fill up with thousands of people, and one must be carful to avoid being hit with a stray spark of firecracker. With the following day being a public holiday, expect the night to last until sunrise. For an overview of all the events, complete with maps and directories see this guide.

Running of the Bulls – 6 – 14 July
One of the most famous of all Spanish festivals, is the festival of San Fermin, which takes place from 6 July to 14 July every year in the town of Pamplona. The festival of San Fermin is the official city festival, and each year thousands of people from around the world come to take part in the festivities, especially the daily Bull Run, or encierro. If you're looking to take part in this event there are overnight coaches from Barcelona that will get you there in time for the all nights street parties that give way to the sunrise and the bull run. For an overview of the history and events please click here.

Festa Major de Gracia – 15 – 21 August
The biggest of Barcelona's official barrio fiestas take place at the end of August in the outer neighborhood of Gracia. With many blocks setting up elaborate floats and displays it truly becomes a spectacle of civic pride for the residents who spend countless hours working on their new project each year. In addition to the displays there are free street concerts and parties, so be sure to head up to Gracia to mingle with 1.5 million of your closest friends. For maps, official events, and more info please see here.

La Tomatina – Last Wednesday of August
Held during the last Wednesday in August, La Tomatina transforms the tiny Valencian town of Bunol into the largest food fight in the world. What started as a couple of teenagers playing a prank has evolved into one of the most well known Spanish fiestas. Once the ceremonial climb up the ham pole is completed, the city provides revelers with tons of tomatoes which participants crush, toss, throw, slam, and just about everything else into each other. Once completed the streets and party-goers are covered in tomato paste and the clean up begins. This festival is a truly once in a lifetime, unforgettable experience.

La Merce – 21 – 24 September
The Annual Festival of Barcelona is held in September to celebrate the city's Patron Our Lady of Mercy. It is one of the final events of the summer, and many events are held throughout the city, especially in the Bario Gotic. Really a celebration of Mediterranean culture and lifestyle there are free street shows, performing arts, parades, and concerts that will satisfy everyone. The celebration concludes with the largest Correfoc, or Fire Run down the Via Laietana. For the full program and more information see the city's official website.

Barcelona Air Show (Festa al Cel) – September
Taking place in September, the Festa al Cel, is officially part of the Merce activities. If you want to see some electrifying stunts, flying acrobatics, and performances from some of the top show pilots in the world, then head down to the Barcelona beaches to see the show take off! For a full schedule and viewing guide see here.

Fira de Santa Llucia Christmas Market - Late November to 22 December
For the past 225 years the plaza in front of the Barcelona Cathedral has been transformed into one of the largest Christmas Markets in Europe, selling traditional Catalan decorations and gifts. Whether you are looking for a Christmas Tree, Nativity Scene, or the famous Caganer or Cagatios the market's 275 stalls have something for everyone. For the official website and daily hours please click here.

Special Tours in Barcelona!

Our team of guides have an excellent range of knowledge about Barcelona...from both the old city centre in the Gothic quarter, to the Modernism of the Sagrada Familia, Passeig de Gracia, Parc Guell and more! We can cater to any of our clients' needs for specialised tours of the city. For more information, please contact our office on (+34) 933 103 747.

We currently offer private and fully customised evening tours. These tours can cover Barcelona's culinary traditions, famous street scapes, sordid and mystical past, as well as, current events and modern problems facing a 21st century city. For more information, please contact our office on (+34) 933 103 747.

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