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About Travel Bar group

The Travel Bar Group was established in 2000 and has, within its group, a fully licensed travel agency head-quartered in Barcelona, Spain and is regulated by Associació Catalana d'Agències de Viatges (ACAV). It has now grown to include Travel Bar Port, Travel Bar Kulas, Travel Bound, Travel Bar bikes, and Travel Bar castle. As a travel agency, the Travel Bar group trades under the licence number GC-3139 and is a member of ACAV. It has all relevent insurance which can be provided upon request.

Travel Bar Group has at disposal, in the Ciudad Vella district of central Barcelona:
  • 3 licensed bars
  • An office
  • A bike rental shop
  • A 42 ft sailing yacht moored in Port Vell.
Also at disposal, a 10 bed-roomed castle with 16 acres of adjoining land, only 15 minutes north of Barcelona in the area of Monticada I Reixac

Travel Bar Group has managed tours and activities in Europe since 2003 and presently services approximately 11,000 paying customers per annum from all over the world. Approximately 60 full time, multilingual staff are employed by Travel Bound S.L in varying positions at any one time, all of whom are qualified and or trained in their respective fields.

Travel Bar Group has had extensive publicity over the last 5 years and has been featured in Lonely Planet and MTV books as well as having televised features on both MTV and the BBC television channels. There was a 2 page article in Barcelona's La Vanguardia newspaper, reference to activities we provide to English speaking students abroad. All aforementioned media coverage has portrayed our services positively which has helped Travel Bar Group become the preferred bespoke activities provider in Barcelona.

Travel Bar Group specializes in bespoke tourist activities and events in Europe and prides itself on its consistency, ingenuity and commitment to making sure every partner company or customer is provided with services beyond expectations.

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